Here are some awesome features that will make you fall in love with our service.


Dedicated Profile URL

Upon registration, a default profile id (which when appended to "www.devsonar.com/" or "devsonar.com/" becomes your profile URL) is generated from your name if you are a freelancer or company name if it is a company registration.

A dedicated profile URL makes your profile stand out and comes with the following advantages:
  • A profile URL allows you share your profile with potential clients through email messages, chat conversations e.t.c. without the need for them to search for your profile all over again.
  • The link to your profile is search engine optimized.
  • Your profile URL will be easy to remember for people who want to revisit your profile.
Your profile URL is customisable from your dashboard.


Showcase Your Portfolio

Our service allows you to list up to five projects you have completed with links to them for each platform you develop for for potential clients to see.


Link to Your (Company's) Website

If you or your company has a website that can tell visitors of your profile more about you or your company you can provide a link to it on your profile from your dashboard.


Get Contacted Via Phone

Your (company's) phone number is displayed on your profile so that potential clients can contact you if they need to. We do not reveal your (company's) email address for safety and security reasons.

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