Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see an error message that says "Duplicate project not allowed" while trying to save a project?

According to our terms of service duplicate projects are not allowed on Devsonar. To learn more about this go here. Also note that you will see this error message if you try to save the same project twice under the same platform's portfolio.

Me and members of my team would like to list a project we developed as developed by a team. How can we do that?

That feature is not available on Devsonar at the moment, although we plan to add it in the future. The only alternative for such team as of right now is to register as a company to list such project.

Someone else has already listed a project I developed. What can I do about this?

Contact us using our contact form and report the issue in details. Remember to select 'Impersonation Report' under Message Category and we will get back to you as qiuckly as possible.

When will I be able to upgrade to a paid subscription?

This option will become available to all developers starting from 28, October 2019.

If the answers above did not meet your needs, reach us with your question(s) using our contact form.